I will use my 30 years of experience serving Coos County to make a difference by making public safety and welfare my top concern. 

As Assessor, my office policy has been to treat everyone the same way that you would like to be treated.
As Commissioner, I will continue that policy. 



Why would you vote for the "Tax Guy" for county commissioner?

The following question was recently asked in the press - "Do you really think you want someone who has made his living by assessing your home and continually raising your taxes as your next county commissioner ?

This may seem like a cause for concern at first, however, the tax assessor has no authority to raise taxes. When property taxes rise it is not because of the tax assessor, it is because of new laws voted on by the citizens. Therefore the question is not a valid one. I'll explain this a bit further.

The property tax valuation system in Oregon was enacted by the citizens of Oregon when they approved Measure 50. The tax rate has also been enacted by the citizens of Oregon through Measure 5. Any local tax increases, such as those related to the Coos County Pipeline, Airport District, and 4H must be approved by the citzens of Coos County.

By law, the value of your property is determined by "Real Market Value". Real Market Value is determined the price you, your friends, neighbors, and coworkers have paid for property. The maximum value a property is assessed for is typically 45% of the market value.

As your Coos County Assessor, I have followed the decisions of the citizens of Coos County. By treating people fairly and acting as the law instructs me to, I have been able to reduce the number of tax appeals by 75%. In other words, I have been able to reduce the number of people who have felt their property value is incorrect by 75%.

As a Coos County Commissioner, I will perform my duties in the same way - To the best of my ablility according to the law and what the citizens of Coos County want for our community.



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